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Argan Oil Shower Gel

Argan Oil Shower Gel | JANJIRA 14.00


This invigorating shower gel contains Argan Oil which helps maintain the skin’s natural moisture balance and protects the skin from dryness. While the aromatherapy essential oils Lavender and Eucalyptus provide relaxation.



 - Cleanses skin without over-drying

 - Lavender and Eucalyptus scents refresh senses

 - Moisturises and softens skin


Key Ingredients:

Eucalyptus Leaf Oil - Refreshes and invigorates the senses.

Lavender Oil - Generally helps to create a feeling of space with gentle balancing effects to calm stormy and uncontrolled emotional states and relax the body.



“This luxe shower gel packs a real aromatherapy punch; it feels kind and gentle on the skin, whilst the aroma lifted with the steam of a shower really rallies and feels like its lifting your whole mood with it!” – Beauty and the Beckslayer, Blogger

*Vegetarian and Vegan Friendly

250ml 8.4 US Fl.Oz

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    Apply shower gel onto your wet body everyday and rinse thoroughly with water.

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