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Pomegranate & Acai Facial Cleanser

Pomegranate & Acai Facial Cleanser | JANJIRA 16.00


This delicate facial cleanser contains a blend of natural anti-ageing ingredients (Multifruit  BSC, Vitamin E, Mangosteen Extract and Turmeric Extract) that help improve and brighten skin tone.



 - Removes dirt, impurities and make-up

 - Anti-oxidant rich to protect against signs of ageing

 - Non-abrasive

 - Prevents dry skin

 - Improves skin tone and enhances complexion

 - Reduces accumulation of bacteria, keeping the skin clear

 - Rejuvenates skin


Key Ingredients:

Triphala Extract  - Antioxidant-rich extract used in Ayurveda (a form of complementary and alternative medicine) that helps reverse the skin ageing, improves skin tone and enhances complexion and brightness of skin.

Turmeric - Provides a moisturising and lightening effect and prevents the skin from dryness.

Mangosteen Peel Extract  - Provides tannin and vitamin C that can nourish and help the skin look fresh and clear. It also reduces the accumulation of bacteria that causes pimples whilst minimising skin pore size.

*Vegetarian and Vegan Friendly

100ml 3.3 Fl.Oz


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    Apply on wet skin, massage gently over the face and rinse off with warm water. Use in the morning and at night for clean, soft and radiant skin.