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Trio-Glow Gift Set

Trio-Glow Gift Set | JANJIRA 80.00


Keep your skin looking radiant with the Trio-Glow gift set.

*Worth £90.00



Marine Radiant White Night Cream 30ml 1.0 Fl.Oz

Marine Radiant White Booster Serum 15ml 0.5 Fl.Oz

Marine Radiant White Brightening Eye Lift 10ml 0.3 US Fl.Oz




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  • Directions

    Marine Radiant White Regenerating Night Cream

    Use daily at night on cleansed skin. Massage in circular motions on face and neck and allow skin to absorb thoroughly.

    Marine Radiant White Booster Serum

    Use a few drops and massage gently on the face until absorbed. Follow by Janjira Marine Radiant White Illuminating Day Cream or Regenerating Night Cream.

    Marine Radiant White Brightening Eye Lift

    Use twice daily on cleansed skin. Press tube lightly and massage cream in circular motion with metal applicator, around the eye area starting from the inner corners and moving outwards.

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