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Therapy Massage Candle

Thai Massage is an ancient ritual which relieves stress, pain and muscle tension as well as promoting emotional wellbeing. With this in mind, we created the Therapy Massage Candle. The rich aroma of Grapefruit, Tangerine and Rhubarb rejuvenates the senses while the warm oil is absorbed by the skin, making it feel nourished and supple.

"This luxurious candle creates a lovely atmosphere for a massage" - The Independent

Argan Oil Facial Mask

This luxurious Argan Oil Facial Mask can be used on all skin types to balance moisture levels and deeply hydrate. Our clarifying green formula revitalises your skin by gently drawing out impurities.

"Skin is instantly brighter, cleanser and nourished." - The Sunday Mail

Pomegranate & Acai Concentrate Serum

Our revolutionary serum uses Mushroom Extract to reduce the appearance of pores while Oat Extract, Pomegranate Extract and Acai Oil help to firm the skin.

"Sienna Miller's secret to a glowing, flawless complexion" - Metro

Argan Oil Sugar Milky Body Scrub

The importance of exfoliation is something we truly believe in at Janjira. Our body scrub removes dead skin cells and boosts circulation, increasing cell turnover to reveal healthier skin.

"I've noticed a huge improvement in my skin, with dark spots dramatically faded."

Thai Lime & Ginger Body Butter

Our cheerfully refreshing Body Butter enriched with Ginger and Citrus Extracts has a delicious fragrance. The Vitamin E based formula gently moisturises and protects the skin, locking in hydration.

"This body butter is like an instance transportation device to a Thai Spa." - Cosmopolitan